1. Meritorious students can avail the concession like EBC, GOI, or other scholarships. The students are suggested to apply for the same. The concession holder students must present in college attendance book more than 75%. They shall have to submit entire fees of the year if they are found present less than 75% in college. 

2. Scholarship receiving students shall have to pay complete laboratory fees or other fees if the institute is not received it from State Government.

3. The Concession holder students are suggested to submit their complete filled up application along with necessary documents within due time.

4.  E.B.C concession holders should fill up the concession form very carefully. They must ensure any wrong information in the application to avoid any rejection. They are also suggested to mention their practical subjects in it. The E.B.C. concession holder students shall have to submit entire fees of the year if their concession form is rejected from government.

5.  The admitted students are suggested to avail the educational concessions which are provided by our parent university. Regarding, the students must meet the concerning teachers.